Data-driven Farming

Grow more with less, using the world’s 1st DIY
farm management platform.

Delivering Instant Value Through Actionable, Impactful insights

Save on Inputs

Machine learning based actionable insights optimize farm management, leading to significant water, fertilizer, energy, and labor savings.

Boost Crop Yield

Integrating soil data with crop models and satellite imagery to provide crop-specific recommendations adjusted to the crop’s growth stage, helps achieving maximal yield.

Make Farming Sustainable Again

Minimize environmental pollution and prevent leaching, runoff and waste of limited resources by optimizing inputs and monitoring the movement of water and agrochemicals in the soil.

Selected Features

Irrigation Management

Our variable rate irrigation prescription is constantly adapting to crop growth and to the changing conditions of the soil and weather to advise a precise irrigation plan.

Crop protection

Analyzing crop growth against crop models helps identify crop growth variability and alert about field segments that need attention due to potential risk from pests or diseases. Our system will monitor your field and We know before the plant does.

Optimize Nitrogen Management

by analyzing soil data integrated with crop models, satellite imagery and weather forecasts to map nutrient distribution across the field and to create zone-specific nitrogen application recommendations.

Simplifying organizations’ work, on a single cloud platform

Support for customers with large number of fields, employing service providers or providing services to others, by connecting all the fields on a single platform and implementing customized roles and permissions so each user can have separate privileges and notifications.

Revolutionizing Soil Sensing

  • Pioneering wireless connectivity by efficiently collecting, packing and transmitting data directly to the cloud even in remote areas, offering satellite, LoRaWan and cellular connectivity.

  • Our price point allows us to be the only Affordable solution for all crop types, and there are no setup costs or any other infrastructural limitations.

  • Patented spiral geometry allows unprecedented accuracy, preventing biased results due to preferential flow.

  • Most sensors entail pricey, lengthy and complex calibration and installation processes, whereas our self-calibrating sensor could be installed by anyone within 5 minutes, allowing simple & scalable deployment over short time periods.

In the News

CropX sells cloud-based software which aims to boost crop yields by focusing on saving water and energy. With in-field sensors, the system automatically delivers the correct amount of water to each plant instead of watering a whole field at a time."
CropX soil moisture sensors are super easy to install compared with others in the industry,” says Jason Rodgers of Titan Farms in South Carolina. “In addition, the company’s tech support has been great, and the ability to view data allows us to make decisions quickly. CropX is pioneering soil intelligence technology.”
A pilot program on an Arizona farm managed by IAF Investments Group used CropX sensors to cut crop water consumption by 40 percent and increased yield by 10 percent. “By tightly monitoring moisture levels, we seem to be able to harvest a couple days earlier on average, which could result in one extra cutting per year. So far, we are very excited by the results and plan to generalize the system on our farms starting in 2019,” said Jon-Michael J. Nahon, IAF’s managing partner and head of market operations.
CropX uses data and sensor devices to help farmers better understand water usage across their fields and the amount of fertilizer and pesticide needed by each patch at specific times. The applications of IoT-based smart farming not only targets conventional, large farming operations, but could also be new levers to uplift other growing or common trends in agriculture such as organic farming, family farming, vertical farming, and more.
CropX recently presented its unique technology to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her state visit to Israel. CropX was one of few tapped by the Israeli government to showcase its solutions at an exhibit in Jerusalem in front of Merkel and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Precision Agriculture Systems market report endows with a survey of key players in the market, naming CropX alongside Deere, Trimble, Valmont, Monsanto and other industry leaders.

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